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Absolutely Obsessed

I absolutely LOVE The Host! I didn’t think I would but I totally do! — More details later.

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So I finished reading Sorta Like A Rockstar and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also have a new review I posted yesterday, to share with you for: Prada & Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard.

I’m on chapter one for The Host but I’m liking it so far. I’m just a little confused about how I should feel towards Wanderer…

Should I hate her, or appreciate her pity towards humans?

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If The Roo Fits…

Here’s the latest entry from Lisi Harrison’s (the author of The Clique, The Alphas, and Monster High) blah-g (as she likes to call it).

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New Read: Sorta Like A Rock Star by Matthew Quick

 AMBER APPLETON lives in a bus. Ever since her mom’s boyfriend kicked them out, Amber, her mom, and her totally loyal dog, Bobby Big Boy (aka Thrice B), have been camped out in the back of Hello Yellow (the school bus her mom drives). Still Amber, the self-proclaimed princess of hope and girl of unyielding optimism, refuses to sweat the bad stuff. But when a fatal tragedy threatens Amber’s optimism-and her way of life-can Amber continue to be the rock star of hope? 

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Finished Reading: Schooled by Gordon Korman

   CAPRICORN (CAP) ANDERSON has never watched television. He’s never tasted pizza. Never even heard of a wedgie. Since he was little, his only experience has been living on a farm commune and being home schooled by his hippie grandmother, Rain. 

But when Rain falls out of a tree while picking plums and has to stay in the hospital, Cap is forced to move in with a guidance counselor and her cranky teen daughter, and attend the local middle school. While Cap knows a lot about tie-dyeing and Zen Buddhism, no education could prepare him or the politics of public school. 

Right from the beginning, Cap’s weirdness makes him a moving target at Claverage Middle School (dubbed C Average by the students.) He has long, ungroomed hair, wears hemp clothes, and practices tai chi out on the lawn. Once Zach Powers, big man on campus, spots Cap, he can’t wait to introduce him to the age-old tradition at C Average: the biggest nerd gets nominated to run for class president…and wins. 

Will Cap turn out to be the greatest president in the history of C Average? Or the biggest punch line?

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Finished Reading Vamped

At two in the morning, I finally finished reading Vamped! I will be reviewing this after I catch up on my other reviews. After this I’ll probably read Schooled by Gordon Korman. 

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New Reviews!

  The only daughter of supermodel Katie Summers, unconventional-  looking Lizzie Summers has come to expect fawning photographers and  adoring fans to surround her gorgeous mother. But when Lizzie is  approached by a fashion photographer who believes she’s “the new face  of beauty,” Lizzie surprises herself and her family by becoming the  newest Summers woman to capture the media’s spotlight.

 Trouble in paradise?

Aloha, Sophie! 
The BSG are on an all-expenses-paid cruise to Hawaii, thanks to Dad’s assignment! It’s an amazing trip, complete with volcanoes, horse-back riding, and snorkeling, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. 

The BSG have always been such a great team, and we need all of us together now to help Isabel and me take care of our new secret friend. Here’s a hint: He talks a lot and loves pineapple! 

There could be some big waves if we’re found out…More later! 

Ton amie, 

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Music, You Have to Check Out!

First, there are two bands that I want to introduce you to. 🙂

Freak Morice: (not signed)

Cimorelli: (signed to Universal)

Do you know what I like the most about these bands? They’re SIBLINGS bands! Sibling bands appeal to me because I’m an only child–unfortunately.

Someone on twitter sent me this to this user and I find this song particularly interesting. It’s catchy but sounds over-edited which disappoints me because the girl can actually SING! Just watch her videos.

This is another song I love but the music video disturbs me. I’m used to Jenny Humphrey, not Taylor Momsen. 😐 (this music video is not for the kindhearted; slightly disturbing)

And if you want to hear the music without watching the video, then here’s the lyrics video.

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“The Host” by Stephenie Meyer

Last night I went to my cousins’ house for dinner. One of my other cousins (from London) had stayed there for a week with her husband. So when I arrived there (they already left for London) my uncle gave me bag, saying it was a gift from her. I was filled with delight when I saw a copy of The Host and a small box of chocolates!

(Chocolate and books are my guilty pleasure! :D)

 Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. Our world has been invaded  by an unseen enemy that takes over the minds of human hosts  while leaving their bodies intact. But Wanderer, the invading “soul”  who occupies Melanie’s body, finds its former tenant refusing to  relinquish possession of her mind.


 As Melanie fills Wanderer’s thoughts with visions of Jared, a human  who has avoided invasion and lives in hiding, Wanderer begins to  yearn for a man she’s never met. Soon Wanderer and Melanie- reluctant allies-set off to search for the man they both love.


 Featuring one of the most unusual love triangles in literature, The  Host is a riveting and unforgettable novel about the persistence of love and the essence of what it  means to be human.  

Of course I won’t be reading this book until I finish Vamped, the last two books from my “library pile” and the reviews for the review site that Aria (one of my best friends) and I started. Still, I’m excited since it sounds like such an interesting and intense book.

BTW, I’m LOVING Vamped right now!

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New Book!

  Gina Covello has a problem. Waking up a dead is just the beginning.   There’s very little she can’t put up with for the sake of eternal youth  and beauty.  Blood-sucking and pointy stick phobias seem a small  price to pay.  But she draws the line when local vampire vixen  Mellisande gets designs on her hot new boyfriend with his prophecied  powers and hatches a plot to turn all of Gina’s fellow students into an  undead army to be used to overthrow the vampire council.

Hey, if anyone’s going to create an undead entourage, it should be  Gina!  Now she must unselfishly save her classmates from fashion  disaster and her own fanged fate.

This will be the next book I’ll read & review. So excited to read this! 😀

Author’s Official Website:

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