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Review for: Sorta Like A Rock Star – Matthew Quick


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Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians! :D

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’d like to wish you all a great day, and share a list of what I’m thankful for:

1)      Two loving parents to call Mom and Dad.

2)      Amazing best friends/friends to share laughter and problems with.

3)      My education

4)      Shelter, food, and other necessities

5)      Having money to spare for “wants”.

I’m thankful for a lot more, but those are my main ones. What are you guys thankful for?

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was “thank you”, that would suffice – Meister Eckhart. 

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Schooled – Gordon Korman



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NEVER Procrastinate :|

NEVER procrastinate.

I’ve procrastinated so now I have to write out a good copy of my lab, answer 6 stupid questions about a stupid story and write a stupid epilogue. -.-

Then, due the day after tomorrow (my school is non-semestered) is a BUNCH of math questions.

It may not seem like much, but these (except for math) are going to be marked, so I have to make sure it’s perfect. -.- Not to mention my horrible cold, and pounding head. 😐

I shouldn’t even be typing out this blog post right now! >:O

#fml -.-

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The Tenth Circle

 Today, I also finished reading The Tenth Circle which will now be added to  my “coming ‘soon’ ” post. 😐

I’m trying my best to finish all my reviews – I swear.

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How I Spent My Sunday…

For some reason, since the moment I woke up, I have this feeling like it’s already winter. I keep thinking there’s like a pile of snow outside; the temperature doesn’t help my set of mind.

So today I did some shopping (not much). It was pretty boring, except there was this really hot cashier (he was for some reason working in female clothing store) who I couldn’t help but stare at. :$

After that my parents and two of my cousins (who’re married) and I went to visit a family friend. He lives in a tiny basement of a house for which he pays rent. There are like antiques and “junk” everywhere. It also had this musky smell, but to me it looked kind of cool yet unsanitary at the same time. He has these goldfish that are like the cutest things EVER. They had these chubby cheeks and foreheads. ❤ So anyway, as we were leaving my cousins and my parents were talking about how they felt bad for him, and how he should get married because he’s a really good guy and whatever.

And then we went to Tim Horton’s. 😛

Btw, if you guys are wondering why some of my cousins are already married or are around that age, it’s because my parents had some trouble having me so I was conceived and born 6 years after they got married (which makes plenty of my cousins ahead of my time by a few years).

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