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Review for: Pink – Lili Wilkinson

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Review for: The Host – Stephenie Meyer

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The Vampire Diaries: End Game

I’m really upset right now because I’ve spoiled myself yet again and have watched clips from season three and I now realize that Delena have increased their chances at end game. But now I’ve seen with my very own eyes that it’s more likely for Delena and Statherine to happen. (I don’t know Stefan and Katherine’s official couple name so let me know if you do.) There’s a clip where you see that Katherine isn’t as bad as she seems and that sometimes, sometimes she looks out for others and not just herself. Not only that but Forwood isn’t doing so well either. I feel very upset now, and I know most of you will think I’m crazy but I just love The Vampire Diaries so much. I would feel so very lost without it. 😦

So anyway this post doesn’t have much purpose behind it other than me sharing some of my feelings. D:<

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Sad Epiphany

I was supposed to be grounded from the internet for a week but I wore my parents down and I’m back on. But sadly I realized yesterday that I feel absolutely lonely and lost without it and that’s VERY sad.

I felt so weird like a huge part of me was missing. 😦

I will try to work on my addiction but I doubt it will do anything.


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