Embarrassing Ugg Story + Day After New Year’s

03 Jan

(This happened yesterday on January 2nd).

Okay so for Christmas my parents bought me a pair of Ugg boots. I got the Bailey Button ones in Chocolate (they ran out of the Chestnut ones), and I was so excited to wear them that day. My mom had a doctor’s appointment, so my dad and I went with her. I was sitting in the waiting room, happily stretching out my legs when I realized that both boots were TWO DIFFERENT COLOURS!

I was so embarrassed and wondered if anyone else had noticed. My left boot was the brown it was supposed to be, while my right one was a more greyish purple. After my mom finished her appointment we went to the Wal Mart across the street, and bought a pair of sneakers for me to change into.

After that we went to Super Buffet to eat lunch. The food was delicious but I couldn’t last more than two servings. My parents and I went there all the time when I was younger (with cousins and family friends), and I ate like a starving wolf every time. Now, I can barely eat my second serving.

When I was getting my food some guy was pointing at the breaded squid rings and asked me if it was fish. I told him it was squid but he didn’t understand. He asked me if I could say it in French, but it was something I never learned in French class. 😛 He repeatedly asked me if it was fish, and then I managed to tell him it was seafood. He thanked me, and left. Haha, I just thought that was cool, since I love French people. I’m not sure if he was from France or Quebec (I live in Canada, in case you didn’t know).

My parents and I went to Leon’s after lunch to buy a gigantic mattress. It took forever for my dad and I to bring it up the stairs, and into my parent’s room. The mattress is so big that when you put it into the bed frame and box thing, the bed becomes as tall as my waist.

So anyway, yesterday was a very nice day, excepting the boots incident. My dad cleaned them and wrapped them back up neatly. My mom returned them today, and hopefully, I’ll get my replacements very soon.

Happy New Year everyone!

– Rosella

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