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“I Found You” – The Wanted

OMG, I practically died when I saw this! There is way too much sexiness, for a girl to handle! They’re so freaking beautiful.

I absolutely love Siva looking like Batman in the beginning, and Tom & Nathan’s struts in sync at 1:00.

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“One More Night” – Maroon 5 COVER by Luke Conard, Alex Goot, Julia Sheer, Chad Sugg, ATC, Missglamorazzi

This was uploaded two days ago, but I just found it today. Isn’t this cover amazing?! Not only does it have some of my favourite youtube stars, but their voices sound beautiful together!


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The Wanted

I ‘discovered’ this band last year but last month, I really started to love them. Now, I more than love them, and am completely obsessed with them. I have even gotten my friends to become part of the TWFanmILY!

The Wanted is an amazing boy-band, made up of members who are talented and love to goof around. They are absolutely hilarious, and don’t mind making fools of themselves! Not to mention that they’re hot and have absolutely delicious accents. 😉

So please do me a HUMONGOUS favour and listen to their music! I swear, you won’t regret it!

WARNING; Tom & Siva are mine.  They’re ALL mine. ❤

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Latest Music Obsession:

I’m seriously in LOVE with these two songs from Demi Lovato’s newest album Unbroken 

Who’s That Boy – Demi Lovato ft. Dev

All Night Long – Demi Lovato [Slightly Pitched]

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Music, You Have to Check Out!

First, there are two bands that I want to introduce you to. 🙂

Freak Morice: (not signed)

Cimorelli: (signed to Universal)

Do you know what I like the most about these bands? They’re SIBLINGS bands! Sibling bands appeal to me because I’m an only child–unfortunately.

Someone on twitter sent me this to this user and I find this song particularly interesting. It’s catchy but sounds over-edited which disappoints me because the girl can actually SING! Just watch her videos.

This is another song I love but the music video disturbs me. I’m used to Jenny Humphrey, not Taylor Momsen. 😐 (this music video is not for the kindhearted; slightly disturbing)

And if you want to hear the music without watching the video, then here’s the lyrics video.

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