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Another Blog?

So as you all know, I review books and post them on another website that I share with my friend. We have dropped that site, and started newer, fresher one. The new website will not only include posts about books, but also television, movies, music, beauty, and more.

But how will I manage two multi-topic blogs? You see, I don’t think I can. Which is why I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this blog. I don’t want to completely abandon it because I’ve had this for years, but I don’t know what I can do with this.

I will NOT delete this blog, because I’ve worked hard on all of my posts, and I believe that I will find another use for it. But I do hope, that in the meantime you will all go over and check out my new home.

– Rosella

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Menchies Disaster

My friend and I went to Menchies today (it’s a froyo chain, incase you didn’t know), and it was a total disaster! Well, maybe not a total disaster…

My friends and I have decided to start a private vlog channel on youtube, to watch videos of our mishaps, and trips gone wrong, for us to watch and laugh at when we get older. My friend and I were “vlogging” at Menchies but it was incredibly awkward. The person who worked there kept talking to us, and I wasn’t sure how to get out of it. She also kept making suggestions, and I was screaming in my head for her to shut up, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t ignore her.

The whole reason I wanted to go the Menchies was because I had $5 on my Menchies points card that I wanted to use. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy my froyo the way I wanted, since the chocolate and vanilla flavours I wanted to swirl were liquidy. My froyo resembled soup.

Menchies Run 002

The flavours I got where Cookies ‘n Cream, Smurfs Blue Raspberry, (Unintentionally) Liquid Chocolate & Vanilla, with some sprinkles, chocolate malt balls, cookies ‘n cream, and rosebuds.

My friend and I continued our vlogging attempt in the next door Shopper’s Drug Mart, where we fooled around. When we got outside, it was pouring rain! My friend only had a hoodie, while I had one umbrella, and a gigantic bag. We had to awkwardly huddle under my umbrella and walk home. We then turned into the library so I can pick up my books that were mailed for me, before heading back home. My friend had to pass my house before walking 15 minutes to get to hers, so I kindly handed her my umbrella.

All in all, it was a very eventful day.

Menchies Run 014

This was the smallest puddle I came across. I wish that I’d taken pictures of the MUCH larger puddles, but I probably would’ve dropped my camera. The puddles were so big that the water went to my shins. My socks, and shoes were soaking wet, along with my shirt and capris. I’d basically taken a shower in the outdoors. It was disgusting, but my friend and I managed to laugh our way home.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday!

– Rosella

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Embarrassing Ugg Story + Day After New Year’s

(This happened yesterday on January 2nd).

Okay so for Christmas my parents bought me a pair of Ugg boots. I got the Bailey Button ones in Chocolate (they ran out of the Chestnut ones), and I was so excited to wear them that day. My mom had a doctor’s appointment, so my dad and I went with her. I was sitting in the waiting room, happily stretching out my legs when I realized that both boots were TWO DIFFERENT COLOURS!

I was so embarrassed and wondered if anyone else had noticed. My left boot was the brown it was supposed to be, while my right one was a more greyish purple. After my mom finished her appointment we went to the Wal Mart across the street, and bought a pair of sneakers for me to change into.

After that we went to Super Buffet to eat lunch. The food was delicious but I couldn’t last more than two servings. My parents and I went there all the time when I was younger (with cousins and family friends), and I ate like a starving wolf every time. Now, I can barely eat my second serving.

When I was getting my food some guy was pointing at the breaded squid rings and asked me if it was fish. I told him it was squid but he didn’t understand. He asked me if I could say it in French, but it was something I never learned in French class. 😛 He repeatedly asked me if it was fish, and then I managed to tell him it was seafood. He thanked me, and left. Haha, I just thought that was cool, since I love French people. I’m not sure if he was from France or Quebec (I live in Canada, in case you didn’t know).

My parents and I went to Leon’s after lunch to buy a gigantic mattress. It took forever for my dad and I to bring it up the stairs, and into my parent’s room. The mattress is so big that when you put it into the bed frame and box thing, the bed becomes as tall as my waist.

So anyway, yesterday was a very nice day, excepting the boots incident. My dad cleaned them and wrapped them back up neatly. My mom returned them today, and hopefully, I’ll get my replacements very soon.

Happy New Year everyone!

– Rosella

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♫ Rockin’ Around, the Christmas Tree… ♪

If you read my book haul, blog post, you’ll know that I volunteered at a local library yesterday. So anyways, Aria, a few other group members/friends and I had the honourable task of putting together and decorating the Christmas tree!

We sang a few lines from Christmas carols, and then made up the rest of the lyrics because we couldn’t remember the proper ones. 😛 That earned us quite a few looks because the library is located inside a mall. Oh well, we had a blast. Our Christmas tree isn’t exactly the best. And by that, I mean our tree looks like it went to Vegas, got drunk, and now has a hangover. 😛

But, whatever right? We were in the Christmas spirit! There was also this mini-train thing driving around the mall, with a few kids and parents inside. They seemed to enjoy the tree, and to show our appreciation, we flashed them the ‘Royal wave’, haha.

I can’t wait for the holidays! I’m getting giddy, just thinking about it! Have any of you put up your Christmas tree(s) in your house? My family hasn’t (and I don’t think we’re going to bother), but we have our Christmas lights on, outside XD

I didn’t have my camera on me, so I didn’t take a picture of the Christmas tree, but I’ll see if I can post one next week!

– Rosella

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Recipes for Desserts – Help!

My assignment for my Food & Nutrition class, is to make a cookbook. They’re making it really, (really) simple for us, so we just have to find 20 recipes, and create a book, with four different sections, a table of contents, a bibliography, and etc. It’s sort of elementary school, and simple for a high school student, but it still seems like fun.

So anyways, my theme is going to be “Desserts”, with the sections cupcakes, brownies/bars, cookies, and cakes. I was wondering if you guys were willing to share any recipes you know? I have a few websites in mind, and yes I could just look through a cookbook, but I thought it would be cool to ask you guys.

If you know of any amazing recipes, or websites/blogs for desserts, be sure to let me know!

– Rosella

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Shopping Misadventure + New Book

Aria, a couple of my friends, and I took the bus to Fairview Mall today because we had a P.A. Day (no school). We don’t normally go to that mall, we go to STC more often, and so we weren’t exactly sure how to get there, but Aria was confident, so we followed her plan.

Bad move, because we ended up going in the opposite direction and ended up at the subway station! After talking to few people, we went to a specific station, took the subway all the way back, and finally ended up at the mall.

The whole process was hilarious, and we camwhored on the subway. 😛

We went to a lot of clothing stores, but I didn’t buy anything there. I just bought chocolate, an eos lip balm, and a book. (The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky).

I had tons of fun today! 😀



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