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TV Time: Twisted 1×03 “PSA de Resistance”

[minor spoilers]

This episode had quite a few new interesting developments.

Jo decided to venture out into the world of high school a little more, which really didn’t go too well for her. In the past two episodes, we’ve seen how Danny’s been treated as an outcast. In this episode, we see how that affects Jo. The effect being that she gets more attention like she wanted, but not in a good way.

Lacey continued to bug me in this episode, but she eventually redeemed herself. I don’t think anyone likes Archie (including me), but I can see where he’s coming from. If a convicted murderer came to my school, I would want my friends to stay away from him too. Except, I just wouldn’t say anything to said murderer, which is where we both differ. I was disappointed that Archie was going to redeem himself, and that things were going to turn cheesey, but I was not disappointed.

Jo’s dad continued to piss me off. I’m just being biased because I love Danny, and Jo’s dad is only trying to solve the case, but he could at least try being a little more open-minded. I also couldn’t stand watching Jo’s parents get all lovey; I felt a little bit repulsed.

I don’t hate Karen anymore because in this episode we can really see that she’s just trying to protect Danny, and I don’t think anyone should hold a grudge; especially since Danny doesn’t.

Overall, this was a really nice episode. I was thoroughly entertained, and never once found myself getting bored.  We’re moving along with the mystery with more clues, instead of being stuck in the same place. A continuously unsolved mystery is one of my pet peeves; I’m not really sure why I still watch PLL…

I can’t wait for the next episode!

I rate this episode 4/5 stars! 

BTW book reviews are still coming.

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TV Time: Twisted 1×02 “Grief Is A Five Letter Word”

The Pilot was very much an introductory episode, while this episode showed the aftermath of Regina’s murder, and delves a little into the past.

[minor spoilers]

This episode basically revolved around Regina’s death. Jo’s dad, the Cop disapproved of Jo hanging out with Danny and tried to prevent her from doing so. Dani was also ostracized in this episode (what’s new?), and like before, he always had sassy comebacks.

As a side-plot, Lacey and her boyfriend attended an after-school session to grieve over Regina’s death, but the whole thing turned out to be a joke, and we learned a little bit more about Regina’s irrelevant past. I don’t think I like Lacey very much.

Prompted by Jo, Danny and his mom hosted a small dinner gathering at their house for Jo, her parents, and her friend Rico. Jo’s father’s attendance was unexpected as he wasn’t exactly invited.

The dinner was a disaster, and the whole time I wanted to punch Jo’s dad in the face. He was completely close-minded and didn’t want to consider the possibility than Danny didn’t kill Regina. He went snooping around in Danny’s room before he got caught by Danny.

Another character I don’t like very much is Karen. She went behind Danny’s back and shared information with Jo’s dad. I’m really annoyed because 1) He didn’t believe her. 2) If the police do investigate this, Danny will be further ostracized. Karen also has a creepy affair-thing going on with the principal of Danny’s school. I’m assuming she’s bribing him to protect Danny, but the scene was entirely creepy.

On the other hand, I adored Rico in this episode. He’s just so sweet, and absolutely hilarious in a dorky way.

There was a picture in Danny’s house of his family and his dead aunt who was wearing her necklace. When Danny noticed it, he quickly hid the picture. Jo’s mother noticed the missing picture at the end of the day and mentioned in to the Cop, who just become more suspicious. At the end of the episode, Danny burns a bunch of pictures of his aunt wearing the necklace. Hopefully, nothing gets traced back to his aunt’s death.

I’m dying to know more about the necklace. Danny’s aunt had it five years ago, and Regina had gotten it around six months ago. How did Regina get the necklace? What was its significance? Why did Danny kill his aunt? Who killed Regina? I don’t think it’s Danny because that would be way too obvious.

 I’m dying to have my questions answered, and I can’t wait for the next episode!

I rate this episode 4/5 stars! 

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