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Review for: The Secret Life of Prince Charming – Deb Caletti

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TV Time: The Fosters 1×01 “Pilot”


 So I recently decided to give The Fosters a try because I personally love family dramas, and I am a big fan of Jake T. Austin who stars in the show, and Jennifer Lopez who is an executive producer.

 The Fosters is about an interracial lesbian couple (Stef and Lena) who raise Stef’s biological son, and a pair of adopted twins. During the Pilot episode, they bring in a foster child which both starts and sets the episode in motion.  (The Official Desc. is here)

Let’s take a look at the characters

Stef Foster is a cop and one of the moms in the family. She’s very protective over her family and was very uncertain about allowing Callie (the foster child) to stay with them for a few weeks.

Lena Adams is the vice principal of the school the kids and attend. She is warm and nurturing. She agreed to having Callie stay at the Foster household, without discussing it with Stef first.

Callie is who we first see in the pilot. We see her get beaten up in juvie, before she is taken home by Lena. Throughout the episode we see Callie suspiciously calling someone leaving us wondering who she’s talking to, and what the urgency is. She’s had an abusive past, and is hardened and unwelcoming as a result.

Brandon Foster is who we see next in the pilot and is Stef’s biological son from a previous marriage. He is a musical genius and shows Callie around school on her first day. He has great relationships with his moms, and his adopted siblings.

Jesus Foster is one of the adopted twins. He is hyper-kinetic and takes medication as a result. He is extremely protective over his fraternal twin sister Mariana, and his whole family. (FYI his name is pronounced Hey-sue-s;)

Mariana Foster is the smart twin, and straight-A-student of the family. In the pilot we see her keeping a secret regarding pills and her birth mother.

So if you bothered to stick around after those lengthy character descriptions, I can tell you that I really enjoyed this episode. It was really interesting and unlike any show I’ve seen before. I loved the family factor, and the humourous moments.

I loved the suspense and mystery in this episode. Unlike many pilots from other shows, this show did not pack in an immense amount of information. It had a nice pace, and was very relaxing to watch. I’m interested in seeing what else is next, since the mysteries in the pilot were solved.

I rate this episode 4/5 stars! 

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