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TV Time: Pretty Little Liars 4×06 “Under the Gun”

The episodes starts off with the aftermath of Hanna’s arrest, with further investigation about Wilden, and the Liars trying to learn more about the summer before Ali disappeared. This episode also looked PLL, to its spin-off Ravenswood.

[minor spoilers]

This episode had quite a lot going on, but it wasn’t overly intense. Aria and Hanna both ended up with emotional messes.

Mona returned to Rosewood and outed Spencer and Toby on their secret. The Liars were upset (which they had every right to be), and things weren’t looking good for Spencer. This took a toll on Spoby’s relationship which can be seen when they enter Ravenswood to hunt down Grunwald so that Spencer could clear her guilty conscious, and regain her friends’ trust. I had such high expectations for the introduction to Ravenswood, but I was seriously let down. The town of Ravenswood had a supernatural vibe, and it didn’t fit well with the more “realistic” vibe of PLL. The colouring was misty, and the music was creepy but it did nothing to peak any interest in watching Ravenswood. If I’m going to watch it, it’s going to be for Tyler Blackburn.

Hanna’s emotional state continued in a downwards spiral. Her dad gets involved, and it’s all a huge mess. Ashley denies killing Wilden, and I believe her story. Since when has A ever passed up an opportunity to frame someone else for their dirty work?

Aria also had an emotional storyline. The minute it was set in motion, I knew it was only going to backfire on her, and it did. I wanted to be sympathetic, but couldn’t manage it, because it’s time that Aria goes through some consequences for her actions. (Mike is so stupid though. Not sure why he would spill the beans to his teammates.)

Emily and Spencer made up from the previous episode, but were split apart again, due to Spencer’s secret-keeping. Emily was certain that the RV would’ve helped Hanna, and decided to take action. Of course, that only sent her in the direction of trouble, and by the looks of it, the path continues into the next episode. (I saw this coming.)

Shana was being her creepy self, and I can’t wait for her to disappear, like most PLL side-characters do.

I would say that this episode was an improvement for season four, but it didn’t meet my expectations. It was an entertaining episode all the same.

I rate this episode 3.5/5 stars! 

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TV Time: Pretty Little Liars 4×02 “Turn of the Shoe”

Nothing very action-packed or interesting happened in this episode, it was mostly a filler. We did get a few questions answered, like what information Toby wanted from A, about his mom.

[minor spoilers]

Nothing very action-packed or interesting happened in this episode, it was mostly a filler. We did get a few questions answered, like what information Toby wanted from A, about his mom.

I personally would like to trust Toby, but I just can’t bring myself to. In this episode, he got very emotional, and I felt a lot of sympathy for him. However, I think it’s stupid how Spencer completely trusts Toby. He admitted to stealing the RV, which shows that his main focus is finding out what happened to his mother. I’d like to know why Spencer isn’t wary.

Hanna also spent lot of time talking to Ali’s mom. She learned some new information and got stuck with a bird that Ali and a mystery someone had spent time with, during the summer before she disappeared. (Hanna took the bird, because she thought that it would repeat things from conversations Ali might have had). My friend and I were watching this episode together, and we couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of this new addition, but what else would you expect? 😛 The bird did come of some use though, as Spencer figured out that the bird was repeating a phone number that Ali had called frequently. (How she realized this, I have no idea).

Hanna confronted her mom Ashley (who returned from “New York”) about her cell phone. She also found her mom’s muddy heels hidden in a sack, under the sink. This wouldn’t mean much, but Mona overheard some cops talking about heeled footprints at the scene of Wilden’s murder. I am convinced that Ashley killed Wilden.

I felt bad for Emily, and I knew that her swim meet wouldn’t go well at all. End of story.

Aria’s storyline in this episode was ridiculous. She decided to take martial arts lessons, and Holden was finally mentioned after millions of episodes. I find it annoying how many characters from PLL disappear and reappear randomly. The show always finds very unsubtle way to explain the missing characters, and their lack of mention.

Anyway, this whole martial arts storyline is created just to introduce us to Aria’s new love interest. During their first session, after a lot of unsubtle flirting Aria “spontaneously” kissed him. All I can say is, “Well that escalated quickly”.

Overall it was an entertaining episode, but it was not satisfying. There are differently better PLL episode out there.

I rate this episode 3.5/5 stars! 

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Pretty Little Liars Book Haul!


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Reviews for T.V. Shows?

I’ve watched a LOT of Pretty Little Liars lately (finished 2 seasons in the past 3 days), and I considered doing a review for each episode.

There are three ways I could go about this.

  • One: I could write my thoughts as I watch the episode (it would obviously contain spoilers).
  • Two: I could write a general review with my thoughts on the episode after I finish the episode (no spoilers or spoilers with warnings).
  • Three: I could do a combination of both; I could write my thoughts down as I watch the episode and have a bottom note where it could have my general thoughts on the episode with no spoilers.

So what do you guys think? I personally prefer option three or one. Let me know your opinion in the comments section! Have any t.v. show recommendations? Post a comment for that too!

P.S. The reviews won’t be for just Pretty Little Liars, but other shows as well such as The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle (yes I know that it was cancelled), and etc. 


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Review For: The Lying Game – Sara Shepard

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Review for: Unbelievable – Sara Shepard

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