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Recipes for Desserts – Help!

My assignment for my Food & Nutrition class, is to make a cookbook. They’re making it really, (really) simple for us, so we just have to find 20 recipes, and create a book, with four different sections, a table of contents, a bibliography, and etc. It’s sort of elementary school, and simple for a high school student, but it still seems like fun.

So anyways, my theme is going to be “Desserts”, with the sections cupcakes, brownies/bars, cookies, and cakes. I was wondering if you guys were willing to share any recipes you know? I have a few websites in mind, and yes I could just look through a cookbook, but I thought it would be cool to ask you guys.

If you know of any amazing recipes, or websites/blogs for desserts, be sure to let me know!

– Rosella

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