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TV Time: Pretty Little Liars 4×06 “Under the Gun”

The episodes starts off with the aftermath of Hanna’s arrest, with further investigation about Wilden, and the Liars trying to learn more about the summer before Ali disappeared. This episode also looked PLL, to its spin-off Ravenswood.

[minor spoilers]

This episode had quite a lot going on, but it wasn’t overly intense. Aria and Hanna both ended up with emotional messes.

Mona returned to Rosewood and outed Spencer and Toby on their secret. The Liars were upset (which they had every right to be), and things weren’t looking good for Spencer. This took a toll on Spoby’s relationship which can be seen when they enter Ravenswood to hunt down Grunwald so that Spencer could clear her guilty conscious, and regain her friends’ trust. I had such high expectations for the introduction to Ravenswood, but I was seriously let down. The town of Ravenswood had a supernatural vibe, and it didn’t fit well with the more “realistic” vibe of PLL. The colouring was misty, and the music was creepy but it did nothing to peak any interest in watching Ravenswood. If I’m going to watch it, it’s going to be for Tyler Blackburn.

Hanna’s emotional state continued in a downwards spiral. Her dad gets involved, and it’s all a huge mess. Ashley denies killing Wilden, and I believe her story. Since when has A ever passed up an opportunity to frame someone else for their dirty work?

Aria also had an emotional storyline. The minute it was set in motion, I knew it was only going to backfire on her, and it did. I wanted to be sympathetic, but couldn’t manage it, because it’s time that Aria goes through some consequences for her actions. (Mike is so stupid though. Not sure why he would spill the beans to his teammates.)

Emily and Spencer made up from the previous episode, but were split apart again, due to Spencer’s secret-keeping. Emily was certain that the RV would’ve helped Hanna, and decided to take action. Of course, that only sent her in the direction of trouble, and by the looks of it, the path continues into the next episode. (I saw this coming.)

Shana was being her creepy self, and I can’t wait for her to disappear, like most PLL side-characters do.

I would say that this episode was an improvement for season four, but it didn’t meet my expectations. It was an entertaining episode all the same.

I rate this episode 3.5/5 stars! 

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