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“I Found You” – The Wanted

OMG, I practically died when I saw this! There is way too much sexiness, for a girl to handle! They’re so freaking beautiful.

I absolutely love Siva looking like Batman in the beginning, and Tom & Nathan’s struts in sync at 1:00.

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Review for: Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins ~ [Part 2] w/ Spoilers

 In case you didn’t read the title, this includes spoilers for Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. If you want a review with NO SPOILERS click here

Firstly, I want to say that this book destroyed my heart. I could not stop crying. I mean I wasn’t crying hard, but I couldn’t stop nonetheless.

The Reasons:

1) Peeta – We’ve always had Peeta as the sweet guy. He wasn’t a pushover, but he was really sweet and didn’t like hurting people. Well…this book has him completely changed. In Catching Fire, you know that Peeta was left behind. The Capitol then took him in and brainwashed him. They knew that Peeta was the only thing that could really hurt Katniss, like no one else could. So Peeta was brainwashed, and did interviews against Katniss and District 13 (who were starting a rebellion). He said that Katniss didn’t know what she was doing and would eventually “come to her senses”.

But that was just a backstory. That’s not what broke my heart. What broke my heart was what happened after District 13 rescued Peeta (under Katniss’ demand). When I read this, I was expecting a passionate re-uniting, and later, awkwardness due to the fact that Gale was very much around. But that’s not what happened. The Capitol had further brainwashed Peeta into hating Katniss. He absolutely despised her. His memories were tampered with and he loathed her with every bit of his being. So obviously, Peeta isn’t very nice to Katniss. In fact, he’s malicious, cold, and sarcastic–everything that Peeta isn’t…well wasn’t. And THAT’S what broke my heart. The Peeta that I adored so much was gone, and as far as I could tell, he wasn’t coming back.

According to the epilogue (which came from Katniss’ POV), Peeta and Katniss fell in love again, and had two children. This is what I wanted but, I wasn’t satisfied. I still had a hole in my heart, and that’s because the epilogue had no dialogue. We weren’t THERE. The epilogue was just Katniss telling us what happened to her after the rebellion. I know that I should be happy that Peeta’s back to “normal”, but the thing is that I don’t know for a fact that he is. Peeta had no dialogue in the epilogue, so we’re left with the impression of the brainwashed Peeta. He never really got to redeem himself to the readers. That truly broke my heart.

2) Gale is the second reason…or well storyline that broke my heart. Although I shipped Peeta and Katniss together, I still loved Gale. He was a good person. I was absolutely heart broken when he left. He literally just left District 12 for District 2. What hurt even more, was that Katniss was RELIEVED that he had left, because she didn’t want to deal with him, and her conflicting feelings toward him. I understand that Katniss was very confused, due to the fact that it was partially Gale’s fault that her sister Primrose, had died, but still. After all that they’d been together, the only emotion Katniss felt towards Gale’s departure was relief. I couldn’t believe it. That literally made me cry even harder.

3) The Unexpected Deaths were of course, a large part of my heartbreak. There were so many people that died. People who I really thought would survive. Primrose…the whole reason that Katniss was even in the Hunger Games. The person that Katniss fought for, and lived for, was gone. And it wasn’t a normal death either. Her death was extremely confusing, and I had no idea if Katniss was hallucinating or not…

Finnick was also a horrible death for me. I really loved him. In fact he’d just reunited with Annie, and…ugh. It was horrible. Finnick had practically lost his mind, where he’d completely zone out and be lost in his own mind/memories. Annie was even worse that him, and needed him. They were newly married, and even had a son! It just really broke my heart.

Although I was slightly upset with Katniss in the end, I felt bad for her; she was completely alone. Gale and her mother had left her, in the end. Gale left without a goodbye (she heard the news from his mother), and her own mother was working at a hospital in District 8, because District 12 reminded her of Primrose. All Katniss had were Peeta and Haymitch…which in a way is tragically poetic. They were together in the beginning, and together in the end…

So yeah, those were my thoughts on Mockingjay. It ripped out my heart, and shredded it, into a million pieces. I just had silent tears streaming down my face, the entire time. Only after I finished the book, did I cry a bit harder.

P.S. I don’t care if you think I’m pathetic. When I read book, I get completely swept up in its world .

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New TV Obsession

Okay, this week, I’ve randomly started watching The Bachelor Pad season 2. I’m 1/3 into the third episode but I’ve also watched a ton of interviews and stuff on YouTube. I have NO idea, why I’m watching this show. I find it ridiculous, and trashy, but I’m addicted anyways. It’s sort of a guilty pleasure…I know who wins and all, but I’m mostly just watching it for the drama. The scheming is horrible, and people back-stab each other but I guess that’s what it makes it a guilty pleasure. What is wrong with me? 😐 I’m in its the third episode, and you won’t believe all of the scheming…

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Review for: 52 Reasons To Hate My Father – Jessica Brody

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“One More Night” – Maroon 5 COVER by Luke Conard, Alex Goot, Julia Sheer, Chad Sugg, ATC, Missglamorazzi

This was uploaded two days ago, but I just found it today. Isn’t this cover amazing?! Not only does it have some of my favourite youtube stars, but their voices sound beautiful together!


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